Korean Organic Premium Green Tea & Tea Gift Set

Korean Ujeon Organic Premium Top Grade Mountain Loose Leaf Green Ceramic Pottery Complete Tea Pot Cup Bowl Gift Set


This pure green tea set comes with a fine white pottery tea pot, a tea bowl and three tea cups for brewing the green tea in Korean way. Ujeon is a Korean word meaning the best pure green tea. This particular green tea is made of tealeaves from Hwagae wild tea garden in Jirisan Mountain. Literally meaning “before the rain,” Ujeon green tea is made by the very first tealeaves of the year, gathered before Gogu (the day around April 20 when the spring rain often falls). Only a small amount of tealeaves is available and the very first batch is very rare and very expensive. It allows for four to five infusions when brewing the tea. How Korean Green Tea Different From Unlike black teas, which are fermented and oxidized before they are dried and shaped, Korean green tea is heated on an iron pot within a few hours of being picked, then rolled by hands and naturally dried in the shade. This allows for the tealeaves to infuse clear light liquids, which have a delicate and subtle flavor. How to Brew a Cup of Korean Green Tea There are a few prerequisites to a good cup of green tea, and everything from the quality of water and tea, and the temperature of the water, to when the tea is added to the pot, or how long the tea is steeped, can influence the final result. The large bowl is used for cooling the boiled hot water, with a lip for pouring the cooled water into the empty pot. The water in this large bowl is also used for warming the pot and cups before placing tea. The water used for green tea should be much cooler, never more than 80 degrees Centigrade (176 degrees Fahrenheit). For high quality green tea, it is important to steep the tea in water that is about 50-60 degrees Centigrade (122-140 degrees Fahrenheit). This is to suppress catechin and activate the amino acids that are the key to green tea’s refreshing taste.

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